The PIXEL Youth Hub

curator of the hub - Ivanova Kateryna

tel .: +380954005919


address: 64604, Lozova, 1st microdistrict, house №4a (the Lozova Youth Center)



The PIXEL Youth hub is located at the premises of the Lozova City Youth Center, a spot where the majority of young people get together. In the neighborhood, there are several schools and colleges, the city House of Culture, and a recreation park. There are 10 offices with a total area of more than 300 sq. m. in the hub. It is equipped with all that needed to hold various events. There is an assembly hall, a conference hall, a dance class, a recording studio, and a photo studio, a creative workshop. We’re also planning to create a co-working. The hub is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

The PIXEL hub hosts various educational (trainings, seminars), cultural and entertainment events (parties, concerts, festivals). At the premises of the hub, five dancing groups train, Poets Are Able The Whole Evening literary evenings, and Lamp musical evenings are held. The Art Studio creative workshop operates constantly. On Fridays, there are movie screenings. In the middle of the week, the Let’s Play game club takes place. And in summer, the are open-air movie screening.

Our view

The PIXEL Youth hub is a place for youth development in Lozova and the amalgamated territorial community. It’s a platform for the self-realization and personal development of youth.

Our goal

The purpose of our work is to provide a platform for the self-realization and personal development of young people. To support the youth initiative and motivate young people to actively participate in the public life of the city and the country. 

Principles of work

The main principle of our work is trust and mutual support. Everyone can realize their dreams and ideas, get help or support here. We do not separate young people, we do not divide them into categories, we do not prioritize their activity, leadership skills, and enthusiasm. We support everyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, social status, and abilities.

Do you want to join or help?