AUYC annources financial donations

📍As we have repeatedly mentioned, representatives of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine are involved in volunteering at various levels — from local to global — to provide humanitarian aid from foreign countries.

The main areas of work are:

🔸humanitarian support for regions where active military actions are taking place;

🔹providing refugees with housing and basic necessities;

🔸support for internships abroad for young people;

🔹providing personal protective equipment for young people and defenders.

👉Today, we announce the possibility of financial donations for the activities of the association, which will be directed to one of the above areas. We guarantee to provide reports on all of the received financial support. Bank accounts information is provided below and in the comments.


Association of Ukrainian Youth Centers,

Code: 42151342


UAH UA643510050000026009879132121

EUR UA213510050000026006879132124


USD UA823510050000026008879132122


Purpose of payment: Donations for the statutory activities of the association

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