Cherkasy Regional Youth Resource Center

Levchenko Olena Volodymyrivna

Deputy Director


193, Khreschatyk str., Cherkasy, Cherkasy Region, 18000


The Youth Resource Center (YRC) is located opposite the Cherkasy City Children's Park (public transport stop "The Square of Glory") on Khreschatyk street. It is a two-story building at the end of the yard with the entrance to the iron gate with the YRC banner. In the area near the YRC, there is the Hill of Glory, the Monument to the Fighters for the Freedom of Ukraine, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Cherkasy Regional National History Museum, the Children's park, and the Liubava Shopping and Entertainment Center. In the Youth Resource Center, we will warmly greet our visitors not only with coffee and sweets but also with a smile. It is usually open from 10 am to 7 pm, but we can also work at another time at the request of young people. The YRC has board games, a photo-video area, Wi-Fi access, a recreation area. Within our walls, you can find a variety of support and resources for realization of your potential and ideas, as well as for implementation of projects for the development of youth and the Cherkasy region.

Sometimes it can be just a piece of advice, a friendly conversation and our experience, and sometimes – a free training room for meetings, recreation, conferences, events, technical resources (projector, laptop, flipchart, music equipment), or information support. In the YRC, you can find partners, like-minded people and friends, develop your skills and gain new knowledge on the desired topic. For the most part, our work aims at young people aged 14 to 35 and people working with young people, but we have no age restrictions and are open to all. At the Youth Center, we adhere to the rights and norms of physical, psychological, informational and social security.

Hobby clubs, bookshelves, film screenings, unique and interesting board games ("Monopoly. Cherkasy", "Cash FLOW"), master classes for young people of all ages, consultations, training for volunteers, charity and socially important events, tournaments, workshops, trainings, excursions, trips, raffles, festivals, interesting articles and selections for everyone, online polls, challenges. The Youth Resource Center (YRC) is a space for your development.

Our view

The vision of the Cherkasy Regional Youth Resource Center is a space and resource support for the personal, social and professional development of young people and the implementation of youth initiatives.

Our goal

The purpose of the Cherkasy Regional Youth Resource Center is to introduce more effective forms of youth policy in the region, involve young people in active social activities, foster a sense of patriotism, spirituality, national consciousness and provide favorable conditions for self-realization.

Principles of work

Trust, openness, mutual support, mutual assistance, honesty, justice, respect for each other, responsibility for one’s actions or inaction, proactive attitude, self-development, positive perception, hospitality, teamwork, appreciation of each other's work, work for results.

Additional Information

For the period 2020-2022, the Youth Resource Center has prioritized such areas:

1. Development of civic and political activity of youth, facilitation of communication between youth and government.

2. Carrying out informational and educational work on national-patriotic education and its spreading in the youth environment.

3. Development of youth entrepreneurship and career guidance work.

4. Carrying out of a cycle of events on non-formal education, concerning advanced training of the experts working with youth and active youth, in particular promotion of the "Youth worker" program in the region.

5. Popularization and promotion of volunteering.

6. Information campaign on the development of the network of youth centers in Cherkasy region.

7. Promoting international cooperation, sharing the freshest experience, dissemination of information on the implementation of youth policy and opportunities for young people.


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