Chernihiv Regional Youth Center


Iryna Symonova
3, Mahistratska Str., Chernihiv, Chernihiv district, Chernihiv region, 14000


The Chernihiv Regional Youth Center is located in the city center, near the Krasna square, in the building of the former cinema, which is an architectural monument of the city.

The youth center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p. m. and provides free access for visitors, except for the period of lockdown restrictions.

The territory of the youth center is about 2,500 sq. m. There are 3 equipped cinemas (for 45, 300, 400 seats), exhibition halls and the "Arsenal of Ideas. Chernihiv" museum space. Besides, for participation in activities, recreation and work, visitors have access to a large courtyard of the center, which is now being actively equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.

The youth center has music and photo equipment, multimedia projectors, screens, a document camera, reading halls, table tennis equipment, board games, seasonal or themed photo areas, and Wi-Fi access.

In the "Arsenal of Ideas. Chernihiv" museum's inclusive space, there are permanent tactile art exhibitions, a touch screen, toys for children.

Also, on the premises of the youth center, there is a small cafe called "Sova", where you can buy delicious coffee, tea, lemonades and tasty snacks at an affordable price. The use of alcohol and tobacco in the center is prohibited.

The team of the center, independently and in partnership with activists, various organizations, institutions and services, constantly holds events of different formats, including consultations and training, festivals, film screenings, fairs, parties and forums. Participation in all events is free for everyone. In the youth center, there are also foreign languages speaking clubs, movie clubs, where feature and documentary films are shown, and board games clubs. Four departments overall are responsible for the implementation of the center's program activities.

The Youth Work Department primarily works with young people to help them choose a future profession and build a career. It also organizes training seminars or non-formal education training, regularly cooperates with and provides support to those who seek to implement socially beneficial projects, create a civic organization, involve young people in various programs and volunteering activities.

Various workshops, historical talks, thematic exhibitions, cooperation with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Plast movement are of great interest among the youth of Chernihiv region - and all this is the scope of work of the National-patriotic Education Department of our youth center.

The Information Management Department not only communicates with the public and covers the activities of the youth center, but it is also a platform for organizational and institutional support for partnership projects or events. Anyone who has got an interesting idea of a possible event gets an opportunity to hold it for free at the youth center. The only requirements are free participation for everybody and the fact that the initiative must be apolitical and beneficial for society. Youth representatives, in particular, students, pupils and public activists are those who use this opportunity the most, organizing training, lectures, exhibitions, thematic meetings, master classes, and even rock concerts. Also, the Information Management Department conducts cultural activities of the youth center itself.

The Youth Infrastructure Development Sector of the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center helps youth workers to learn and constantly improve their competencies, understand how, why and what kind of a youth space to create in a village or town, and also spreads the latest news about youth work, competitions, teaching techniques, and life hacks.

Our view

The Chernihiv Regional Youth Center is a free and secure space that unites the youth community for its holistic development, protection of interests, as well as enhancing youth participation in community life and decision-making processes at the local level so that the voice of youth is heard and has a real impact in Ukrainian society.

Our goal

The mission of the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center: We create a free, safe, and accessible space for the development and self-realization of every person.

Principles of work

Openness, inclusiveness, apoliticism, creativity, teamwork, democratic governance, respect for diversity, and the dignity of each person.


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