Chernihiv Regional Youth Center needs help after a direct missile strike

‼️ The Chernihiv Regional Youth Center has suffered severe damage as a result of Russian military bombing and now needs help to resume youth work in the city.

👉 The Chernihiv Regional Youth Center began its work in 2017 in the building of the cinema, which for many years was not only a cultural institution for youth and the city community, but a public space of the community of Chernihiv residents. The building was built in 1939. During the Second World War it was almost completely destroyed and rebuilt in 1946. Which was a significant event for Chernihiv. The cinema was a place of meetings, rendezvous, dance evenings, gatherings and gatherings. It is an integral part of the city, although it has a different history.

📢 “Since 2017, the team of the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center has restored such an important and necessary function of the premises as a public-public youth platform. We managed to preserve history and set the pace of modernity. During this time we have a grant and program history of development, significant renewal of material and technical base, excellent team and established flexible processes. In December 2021, the implementation of the project of reconstruction of the premises with a total cost of UAH 58 million was started. At the expense of the State Fund for Regional Development. We have been fighting for this path for four years, ” – said Iryna Simonova, director of the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center.

🗯 “On February 27, 2022, we were pushed back. As a result of the missile strike, the premises were destroyed. The property we acquired and earned became unusable. We know for sure that everything is happening. We have enough strength and inspiration. Our team continues to work and needs the support of the community of youth workers and youth centers, ” -- adds Iryna.

⚠️ Currently, the city authorities have provided the youth center team with temporary premises to start youth work today. But this room needs minimal basic things: chairs, tables, office equipment that was completely destroyed and stolen after the bombing, coffee tables, office, and so on.

📍Now, the team of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine has managed to donate part of the chairs, tables and office to restore the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center, but if you have the opportunity to send help, please write a personal message to the center's director Irina Simonova.

It is possible to send financial aid to the accounts of the lawyer of the youth center:

🔴UAH - UA523052990262056400929564506

Recipient's account - 262056400929564506

RNOKPP recipient - 3567509130

Institution of the bank - PrivatBank

🔴USD - UA483052990262046400929566242

Recipient's account - 5168752013273449

🔴EUR - UA913052990262076400929566296

Recipient's account - 5168752013273472


✔️But if you need cooperation with a public organization to help, we add the accounts of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine to which you can send financial assistance with the specified purpose "Donation for the statutory activities of the association 01 Chernihiv":

🔴UAH - UA643510050000026009879132121

Code: 42151342


🔴EUR - UA213510050000026006879132124


🔴USD - UA823510050000026008879132122


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