The Humanitarian Headquarters of Zaporizhia

👉 For more than a month now, Ukraine has been living in a new reality. Before the war, one of the sections of our page was #AcquaintanceWithYC. Today we return to stories about the work of youth centers, but now we will talk about how we managed to regroup our activities during the war and what is happening now in the youth space of the country.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops, Zaporizhia Regional Youth Center has become a shelter for internally displaced persons fleeing dangerous places. Based on the regional youth center and in partnership with the public organization "Community of Volunteers United by Idea" were established the Humanitarian Headquarters of Zaporizhia, which aims to help refugees, territorial defense, National Guard, Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians that endure difficulties because of Russian aggression.🆘

🤝 Every day at the headquarters, a team of volunteers solves many important organizational issues. From the tasks of assembling parcels for the military, which will be delivered to the frontlines, to the provision of food and basic necessities for displaced persons. The Humanitarian Headquarters has become the organization of logistical delivery of humanitarian goods and attracting foreign aid.

The youth center also conducts regular trainings for volunteers to maintain their mental balance. 😉

This is how the Humanitarian Headquarters of Zaporizhia, created on the basis of the Zaporizhia Regional Youth Center, continues to unite residents and guests of the city for a joint victory!

❗️Employees of the Humanitarian Headquarters of Zaporizhia are ready to provide advice to representatives of youth and volunteers from other areas of the country on how to establish systematic work, organize the logistical transportation of aid from abroad and help with other issues as needed.

Very soon all youth of the country will be able to return to their main activities in a prosperous and independent Ukraine. But for now, we are gathering all our strength and capabilities together and each day moving towards such a coveted goal for all of us! 💛💙

Do you want to join or help?