HUB "KOMORA" in the town of Pervomaisk in the Kharkiv region

📌The work of the HUB "KOMORA" in the town of Pervomaisk in the Kharkiv region has never stopped since the beginning of a full-scale offensive by Russian occupation forces on the territory of Ukraine. Even on February 24, young people came to the hub, because there, among friends, it was easier for them to experience their emotions.

📢“For the first month, we wove camouflage nets, helped with packing and logistics of humanitarian aid to the city council. We talked a lot, because it was easier to get used to the new reality among friends and like-minded people. Starting from the second week, in addition to day work, we became a rest point for local volunteer patrols during the curfew, ” – says the curator of the hub Oleksiy Shapovalov.

Since April, visitors to the center have been able to resume projects funded by foreign donors before the war, as many immigrants came to the city, including young people who needed to be supported and involved. 📲

🗯We now have a project from IREX "School of Media Production", where we teach young people to take photos and videos, the project will result in photo comics about the war, posters and storyboards. We have also launched a youth radio within the Teen Time media, we are preparing and recording podcasts on current topics, ” — adds Oleksiy.

👉The youth of the town do not give up, despite the close distance to the front line. The youth council has gradually resumed its activities, although most of its members are defending Ukraine militarily. The program of youth development and community mapping is being renewed.

HUB "KOMORA" has become a place where residents of Pervomaisk and IDPs have the opportunity to distract themselves from the present by attending music and literary evenings, chat with like-minded people, join the meeting to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After all, only mutual support, both moral and humanitarian, will help accelerate Ukraine's victory in this war.🇺🇦

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