The KOMORA Youth hub

The KOMORA Youth hub

the hub curator – Oleksii Shapovalov

tel .: +380990835603



address: 64102, Pervomaiskyi, 1/2 microdistrict, the public center (the Pervomaisky Central City Library), 2nd floor



The [KOMORA] (garner) hub is located in the premises of the Pervomaiskyi Central City Library [BOOK POST] in the building of the public center, which is situated in the 1/2 microdistrict near Svitankova street. In addition to the youth center and branches of the library for children, youth and adults, there is the HAPPYLAND children's center (right below the hub), the FERY night club, and a branch of the UkrPoshta (Ukraine’s national post service). The building is surrounded by a vast free space with new stylish benches and green areas with conifer trees, where during the warm season the hub activists hold various rallies and events (movie nights, acoustic music evenings, poetry evenings, flash mobs, etc.).

The hub itself is a technically equipped room of 70 sq. m. (there are 7 computers, an interactive whiteboard with a projector, video and audio equipment, mobile tables, chairs, soft poufs, coffee break area, a big number of board and logic games, etc.). In addition, for our events, we use the reading room of the library for adults, where the hub activists built themselves a stage and organized a space of about 300 sq. m. with almost 100 seats. The youth center is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00, but our events can often last until later, as well as be held on weekends (subject to agreement).

In the [KOMORA] hub we hold various educational events (seminars, trainings, etc.), organize cultural and entertainment events (game evenings, poetry evenings, movie nights, discos, etc.). The hub is also a base for several public organizations, groups, and clubs (the BrainUP NGO, the Teen Time Youth Media journalism group, computer science groups, the Pro_bil (whitespace) poetic club, the Dice game club, etc.). In the reading room of the library for adults, we hold theatrical performances, stand-up evenings, and other cultural events. The hub activists organize interesting festivals in the city (the Maika Pervomaiskyi Youth Festival, the Urban Fest Street Cultures Festival, the PokemonFest Cosplay Festival of Artistic Transformation, etc.).

Our view

The Pervomaisky [KOMORA] HUB Youth Center is a place that unites young people and provides space for planning and conducting various educational, entertainment, and cultural events, and helps increase the social role of young people in society.

Our goal

The Pervomaisky [KOMORA] HUB Youth Center was created for youth development. Therefore, our mission is to educate active and literate youth, with a sustainable public position and understanding of their social role in society and the country as a whole.

Principles of work

The work of the youth center is built on trust and mutual support of the team of activists and the curator of the hub provided through openness and constant communication. We are a real Hub family, which welcomes new members after each new event. We jointly develop our educational, creative and sports skills, improve our culture and help bring more culture to the whole city. We are not just a team, we are family.


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