The Youth Center Municipal Institution

Vladyslav Hrebeniuk



63, Kamyanetska str., Khmelnytskyi, Khmelnytskyi region.


The youth center is located in the very heart of Khmelnytskyi, near the Philharmonic public transport stop in Kamyanetska street. Our doors are always open to everyone. We work from 9 am. to 6 pm., and on Fridays to 5 pm. We promote a healthy lifestyle, so you can come to us by bike and leave it in our bicycle parking. The youth center is equipped with everything you need to be creative. We have a large area for creativity, several spacious halls where you can chat with like-minded people and gain new knowledge. Also, our rooms are perfect for making photos, portraits, and image detail enhancement. You can use a projector together with sound-amplifying equipment for various events and film screenings. There are lounge areas with cosy bright poufs and free wi-fi. We promote not only a healthy lifestyle, but also healthy communication and a friendly atmosphere, so here you can distract yourself from everyday life and immerse in the world of various board games. We can always warm you up not only with our energy but also with a cup of hot tea in our kitchen. Our premises can be used as a rehearsal base.
The Khmelnytsky Youth Center works in 5 directions: Cultural and mass: Dance flash mobs, youth parties, quests, team-building trips, youth soirees, movie nights. Non-formal education: School of a modern leader, school of success, training on sex education, media literacy schools, career guidance lectures. Socio-inclusive: Charity evenings, sign language workshops, round tables on inclusive issues, photo exhibitions. National-patriotic: festivals, sports competitions, historical brain rings. Ecology: joint work cleaning, educational lectures on the state of ecology. We constantly improve and work on new formats that can interest and be in demand among young people.

Our view

The vision of the Youth Center: this is an absolutely open space for the comprehensive development of the city's youth, where every young person has an opportunity to realize their initiatives and implement a youth project, to develop their talents, which allows young people to become better day by day.

Our goal

We strive to make the youth of Khmelnytsky powerful in terms of social development, ecology, and national-patriotic education. To find internship and employment opportunities for young people. To conduct events, forums, presentations for implementation within the city.

Principles of work

Our center works in 5 main areas – cultural, national-patriotic, inclusive-social, educational. The team principles include trust, mutual assistance, openness, pro-youth attitude and love.

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