Youth center "Smart"

Director of the youth center: Myroslava Rybalko
address:Teplichna Street, 23, Slobozhanske


On December 19, the Youth Center "SMART" was officially opened. This center was created with the aim of increasing the activity of citizens of the Slobodzhan community, by providing the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the sustainable development of the community.

We work in the following directions:

  • Providing the necessary knowledge and skills to residents of the community to participate in local and national life;
  • Implementation of e-democracy technologies at the local level;
  • Organization of education in the field of civic and extracurricular education;
  • Creating a platform for successful interaction between government bodies, businesses, the public, exchange of experience, communication, and cooperation of community residents.

We offer:

  • Residents of the community - improving skills and competencies, organizing meaningful leisure activities, a place for meetings and relaxation, and a place to work on their ideas and projects outside the home.
  • Civil society organizations - premises for project implementation, a place for joint development of civil society development projects, and a place to find a team of volunteers to implement projects.
  • Business - a place to find qualified personnel, a place for business meetings, investment in community development potential.
  • Government - a place for meetings with the public, investment of resources in the development of youth potential, a platform for using e-democracy resources.
Our view

We are:
• youth center - we provide the educational process of young people, increase their ability in decision-making processes;
• coworking - anyone can come to work in our premises. All the necessary conditions have been created for this;
• center of public activity – a place where public organizations and residents of OTG can implement their initiatives and projects.

Our goal

Increasing the activity of citizens of the Slobozhan territorial community by providing the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the sustainable development of the community.

Principles of work

• Trust and mutual understanding;

• Orientation to the needs of young people;

• Staff: motivated and competent;

• Patience and support;

• Communication and consultations with authorities, other centers, specialists;

• Creation of a network and organization of cooperation with other organizations

Additional Information

The creation of our youth space was made possible thanks to the financial support of the program "Decentralization brings better results and efficiency" (DOBRE), implemented by the Global Communities project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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