Ternivskyi City Youth Center "InTern"

Sergiy Markov Street, Building 8, Ternivka City, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, 51500

Director: Anzhela Tutova

Phone: +380955121753


The Municipal Institution "Ternivskyi City Youth Center" is located on the ground floor of a three-story former educational institution building. The total area of the Youth Center is 147.15 square meters, consisting of a conference hall, a "Smart" room, and an art studio. The Center operates 6 days a week, predominantly from 10:00 to 20:00. The Center's work is conducted in several directions, with several platforms in place:

  1. Educational platform for the development of informal education for proactive and active youth.
  2. Interactive platform for comprehensive youth development.
  3. Youth volunteer platform.
  4. Leisure content platform for youth.
  5. Social projects platform.
  6. National-patriotic education platform.
  7. Environmental platform.

The Center is equipped with modern technical equipment and furniture to meet the needs of the city's youth. It offers various amenities and facilities, including board games, 3D printer, graphic tablet, projector, screen, air conditioner, cooler, flip chart, musical instruments, gaming console, VR glasses, TV, Wi-Fi access, and more.

The Center regularly hosts events such as English Speaking Club, art studio "Blyk" (creative workshops), Philosophical Club, Debating Club, "Soft School" (for parents with children), Karaoke Club, Board Game Club, Playback Theater rehearsals, and various thematic events, exhibitions, meetings, trainings, and actions.

The Youth Center "InTern" is a free multifunctional space for social activation and comprehensive youth development. It provides young people with the opportunity to spend their time in an interesting and meaningful way, while also receiving full support for their further integration into society.

Our goal

Ми процюємо для молоді, заради молоді та разом змолоддю.

Principles of work

"INtern" is an accessible platform for multifaceted personal development and meaningful leisure activities. Come join us! With us, it's interesting, useful, and safe.

Do you want to join or help?