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▪️ The idea was conceived in 2016. It has been operational since December 2018.

▪️ In April 2018, during the voting of the Vinnytsia Regional Council for the establishment of the Public Institution, it passed with a decisive vote of 1.

▪️ The total budget for the renovation is 11 million UAH, with 9.11 million UAH from the State Fund for Regional Development, 1.25 million UAH from the regional budget, 1 million UAH from the city of Vinnytsia public initiative budget, and 600,000 UAH from the UN budget.

▪️ Special features: The center is fully inclusive with ramps, elevators, tactile paving, and Braille font.

▪️ Special features: Fab Lab Kvadrat laboratory (3D modeling), sound recording studio.

▪️ Area: 628 square meters.

▪️ A team of 18 people. There are departments for event organization and informal education, national-patriotic upbringing, project management, and communications.

▪️ A friendly administrator welcomes visitors at the entrance to the center. :-)

Our goal

The main goal of Kvadrat's activities is to address issues of social formation and development of young people, promote their socialization and self-realization, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of young people, realize their creative potential, promote the development of national and patriotic education of children and youth, and promote the development of civil society.

With us you can:

✔︎ study and learn new things

✔︎ implement your projects and activities

✔︎ spend your leisure time in a fun way

✔︎ find new friends

✔︎ get acquainted with 3d modeling technologies

✔︎ create in the recording studio


Here you can realize yourself.

 Just come and do it!

Principles of work

◼︎ Youth are empowered

Young people are empowered and actively engaged in issues that affect them and the development of their communities/localities. They have the skills, confidence and opportunities to be active citizens with the ability to influence and participate. The youth center creates a safe atmosphere and a platform for youth support.

◼︎ Youth united

Youth in the region are united and have open relationships with peers, families, authorities and communities. They can effectively communicate, learn about opportunities, and actively participate, both physically and online. They are well informed about the wide range of services, opportunities and information available to them and can communicate with each other.

◼︎ Young people are prepared and educated

Young people are well prepared to develop and fulfill themselves in an unpredictable world, both as adolescents and as adults. They are flexible, resourceful, resilient, and able to successfully overcome changes, obstacles, and challenges in their lives.

◼︎ Youth are healthy

Young people have opportunities and support to develop their health and well-being in all aspects of life. They are supported by families, communities, schools and public services, which in turn are supported by the government. The Youth Center creates safe and healthy natural and built environments in which young people can thrive now and in the future.

◼︎ Youth is patriotic

Young people are conscious, know their history, culture, value and preserve their native Ukrainian language, honor and respect the state, its independence, traditions, and roots. They actively participate in national-patriotic education activities that promote national identity.

◼︎ Youth in the hands of professionals

The Youth Center provides advisory and informational support to leaders, local specialists of territorial communities and those responsible for youth policy. Thanks to this communication and cooperation, support for the youth of Vinnytsia region and the functioning of youth spaces/centers on the ground in the TCs is ensured.

◼︎ Creative youth

Young people are ready to create and realize their creative potential in a space with specialists and the necessary materials/tools.


Do you want to join or help?