Lviv Regional Plast Center

Director: Olha Pryhodko 

Phone: +38 067 66 83 398, 

Address: 6 Vynnychenka St., Lviv


The Lviv Regional Plast Center was created with the aim of developing the Plast (national scouting) movement in the Lviv Region, ensuring equal access of children, pupils and students to the Plast (scout) method of education.

The center works to educate children and youth as conscious and responsible citizens of the local, national and global community.

Main areas of work:

- organization, coordination and support of Plast camps;

- support for the training program for scout masters;

- events to create conditions for the education of the youth of Lviv Oblast.

Our view

The Lviv Regional Plast Center's Mission is the same Mission as PLAST has in Ukraine. 

Plast Mission — to provide Ukrainian youth with the skills needed to develop Ukraine, as based on the Scout Law and the Scout Promise.

Scout Law

Scout Law — a scout will: Be true to their word, Conscientious, Accurate, Thrifty, Fair, Polite, Fraternal and Benevolent, Balanced, Helpful, Obedient, Attentive, Careful with respect to health, Love beauty and take care of it, and Optimistic.

Scout Promise

"I swear on my honor that I will do everything in my power to: Love God and Ukraine; Help others; and Live according to the Scout Law".

Our goal

The goal of the center is the development of Plast (scout) movement in the Lviv region.

Principles of work

Principles of the Plast educational method:

- voluntary membership in the organization;

- education and learning through play and work;

- learning through self-governance in small groups;

- knowledge of nature and life in it;

- support of interests and abilities of children and youth.

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