Luhansk Regional Youth Center

📌Even the war and the forced evacuation did not hinder the work of the Luhansk Regional Youth Center.

From the first days of the full-scale offensive of Russian occupation troops on the territory of our country, the team of Luhansk Regional Youth Center was forced to move from Severodonetsk to the Dnieper to be able to help the population of the Luhansk region and bring common victory. 🇺🇦

🗯“Initially, we self-organized and worked on humanitarian aid requests for the civilian population, contacting other volunteers to meet the needs of servicemen in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. There were also many flights to evacuate civilians from the region's hotspots. I believe that we managed to create a working system of volunteer assistance together with volunteer organizations throughout Ukraine, humanitarian staff, entrepreneurs and ordinary people", – said Anna Ryasna, director of the Luhansk Regional Youth Center and a member of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine.

👉Now the team of the Luhansk regional center has managed to completely reorganize the work of the center from the current needs and not just settle in the new city, but also get premises for the youth center in the city of Dnipro.

📢"With the financial support of foreign partners and in cooperation with the city authorities of Dnipro, we now not only have premises for the youth center, but also work on opening a" Volunteer Hub for the youth of Luhansk region. " Now people who have been forced to leave their homes will have a place to shelter, which is being created by the same IDPs, and this brings them very close and gives them the strength to work even harder”, – says Anna.

The work of the Luhansk Regional Youth Center is an example of steadfastness and the ability to quickly adapt to new realities and help the people of the region in humanitarian needs. That is why the steadfastness of the Ukrainian people strengthens the belief in victory and brings it closer with each passing day. 

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