Vilna Khata (Free House) Youth Platform

Mykola Dorokhov

The head of the center


28, Dvirtseva Str., Kramatorsk, Donetsk region 84301


The Vilna Khata (Vilkha or alder) is located in the city center, right behind the communication house, on the ground floor of a residential building. We currently work in the format of residences (theater, poetry, design, and music), and welcome all guests at the events announced on social networks. The Vilkha space includes the main hall with a stage and bar, another large room that currently serves as a space for educational events, and will soon be converted into a theater laboratory for a theater residence. There is also a small room for a design laboratory, 2 offices: large and small, and a storage room belonging to the Good Neighbor project team.

The Vilka has its own library, music equipment and free Wi-Fi access. The premises can be used for educational and cultural events, interviews, and also as a gallery (for an exhibition of paintings).

In another part of the city, there is also our music studio, which is also a separate residence.

Acoustic concerts, jam sessions, poetry evenings, trainings, seminars, conferences, forums, meetings with interesting people, movie nights by the ProKino (About cinema) project.

Our view

Vision: Kramatorsk is a city of cultural basements.

Since in our city almost all youth centers and platforms for cultural and personal development are located in basements, we have concluded that it is not a problem, vice versa, it is an opportunity to continue to revitalize such spaces and create new meanings, which we have indicated in our vision.

Our goal

Our mission is to form the infrastructure of progressive Kramatorsk through youth development. To inspire the transformation of the region and the country.

Principles of work

Our values: openness, innovation, honesty, transparency, interaction and respect.


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