Youth Center "M-Formation" from Berdychiv

⚡️Youth Center "M-Formation" from Berdychiv supports IDPs who were forced to leave their homes and residents of the city in difficult wartime, not only closing material needs, but also morally - organizing training and various therapies for people.

👉Since the beginning of active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, Berdychiv has become a place of refuge for thousands of Ukrainians from Kyiv, South and East of the country. That is why there is an urgent need not only to support displaced persons with food, clothing and hygiene, but also psychological support in difficult times.

Young visitors who were forced to leave their homes and move to a new city are given books, toys, and psychological support.🤱

On the basis of the youth center "M-Formation" from the beginning of March resumed training on home care, which was actively conducted before the war to prepare the population for action in critical situations. They also join the organization of charity fairs and events, during which they raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and sell at fairs products made by young people and employees of the youth center. 🧁

📍At present, art therapy sessions "Mental health" (art therapy), trainings on first aid during hostilities and stress response, meetings in the format of "forum-theater" are held for visitors. Before Easter, visitors had the opportunity to learn how to paint Easter eggs, which were handed over to our defenders at the forefront. Similar events are attended by many IDPs who have stayed in the community.

The youth space has become a place where people can communicate, find answers to troubling questions and psychological balance, as well as weave camouflage nets together and prepare delicious cupcakes and energy bars for defenders. After all, only joint action and support for each other will lead us to the obligatory victory!

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