The Paragraph youth center from Ivano-Frankivsk

Congratulations to all!👋 The Paragraph youth center from Ivano-Frankivsk is in touch. From the first hours of the full-scale offensive, it became a real headquarters for active residents of public organizations of the city, the youth council and volunteers of the center.

📢“From the first day, a lot of migrants came to us. A hotline was set up to coordinate them, where our volunteers counseled people, selected housing for them and contacted the owner. Eventually, they began to create new shelters on their own, ” – says Maria Mateshko, chairman of the board of the Paragraph youth center.

👉The youth center itself has become a kind of place to collect aid and its composition. Activists launched a rally to purchase humanitarian aid for displaced persons in Frankivsk, as well as in regions where active hostilities were taking place. In total, a large number of medicines were collected and purchased for Mykolayiv and Zaporizhzhya hospitals, and they were also transferred to Sumy, Dnipro, Okhtyrka, and advanced positions in the Donetsk region. We found an opportunity to help defenders with walkie-talkies, helmets, thermal imagers, body armor and other ammunition.

📌Currently, the volunteer headquarters of the youth center continues to provide humanitarian assistance to all those in need, but such an important educational component of the work has also been restored.

🗯«We now have regular training sessions from specialists, we are going to play board games and "Mafia". We organize film evenings and English language clubs, and recently launched a poetry marathon. We also pay a lot of attention to the children of migrants, organizing various master classes», -- Maria shares about her current work.

This is a story about how the youth center united the city's assets, which allowed to establish high-quality and efficient logistics and communication. But we should not forget about the educational purpose of youth centers, let's hold more events for young people who will soon build the future for our free Ukraine! 💛💙

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