MoloDvizh Center (Communal Institution "Lviv City Youth Center")


▪️ The idea of creating the center arose after obtaining the status of "Youth Capital of Ukraine" in 2018. During 2019, premises were found, repairs were made, and a communal facility was created.
▪️ The center was officially opened in January 2020. The premises are in the city center, have 2 floors and an area of 367 m2
▪️ The team of the center - 9 people. During the 52 days of work before the quarantine, 3,500 people visited the center's events
▪️ The main event is the annual all-Ukrainian forum "Youth" in September
▪️ The direction of networking of spaces in the city of Lviv was chosen as a priority
▪️ They implement the Lviv Open Lab project - a space for schoolchildren on the basis of a library in a remote neighborhood of Sikhiv. On an area of 1,000 m2, there will be a media studio and a library, a lecture hall and a workshop for working with wood, as well as three laboratories: robotics, physico-chemical and biotechnological
▪️ Areas of work: conducting events and trainings, conducting research on the opinions of the city's youth on various issues, networking, watching movies together. Every visitor can use the coworking area or join the Pixlab social design school.
▪️ The mascot of the center is the cat Toothless

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