The Novi Kryla (New Wings) Youth Center

Pavlo Medina

The Head


6a, Druzhby Ave., 3rd floor, Novovolynsk, Volyn region, 45400


The Novi Kryla Youth Center is located in the city center, within a five-minute walking distance from the monument to Taras Shevchenko, behind the monument to Shakhtar. The space is open for visitors on weekdays and at the weekends, mainly from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Other hours can be discussed.

The area of the center is 100 sq. m. There is a lecture zone, zones for meetings, recreation, and events (including film screenings).

The hub has music equipment, a mini-library of classical and modern literature, board games, a photo-video zone, Wi-Fi access. The space is alcohol- and tobacco-free. We promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as healthy communication. That is why there you can find board games and a mini library.

The premises can be used as a rehearsal base. There are also places to work, to hold master classes, lectures, trainings.

· Movie nights · DO IT Offline Club (board games) · Education (language clubs of different levels) · Musical Evenings (house concerts) · Lectures/trainings · Tea parties · Book collection · Knyazhyi (Princely) Festival · Avocado Running Club · Masterclasses · Svoie Horniatko (your cup) #своє_горнятко · Meditation · Photo club · #PRO100KNYG


 Кіновечори  Офлайн клуб "DO IT" (настільні ігри) Освіта (мовні клуби різних рівнів) Вечори музики (квартирники) Лекції/тренінги  Чаювання Книгозбірня Фестиваль "Княжий" AvocadoRuningClub Майстер класи #своє_горнятко  медитація Фотоклуб

Our view

The Novi Kryla Youth Center is a comfortable and safe environment for the development of young people’s potential and non-formal education, as well as for the implementation of ideas and visions.

Our goal

The Novi Kryla Youth Center unites young agents of change into one effective mechanism of civil society, community, and country development with equal access for young people to opportunities for self-development.

Principles of work

· Trust, mutual support

· Family

· Healthy Lifestyle

· Active participation in the life of the center

· Cultural development

· Openness

· Teamwork


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