Youth work conference “Humanitarian response and restoring the youth work”

👉Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine together with other members of National Ukrainian Youth Association June 11 at 11.00 (GMT+3) organizes online-meeting on challenges for youth work during the war in Ukraine. We welcome active youth workers, especially those, working in the youth centers from Ukraine and other countries, receiving Ukrainian refugees.

The issues to be discussed:

🔸What it means to be youth worker, leaders and youth center during the war

🔹How youth workers, leaders in other countries reacted to the needs of young refugees

🔸How we can program and implement educational activities in the youth centers

📌The online conference will focus on discussing the issues mentioned above. As the final result we plan to elaborate recommendations addressed to political stakeholders on raising awareness about the future of young people in Ukraine and the need to keep professional capacity for long-term responses.

‼️We expect to find speakers on the topics listed in the program below in order to apply as a speaker or participant fill in the form (for speakers there is a column where you can choose one of the topics):

The conference will result in recommendations for stakeholders on the future of youth in Ukraine and abroad.🔥

🎥The event will be broadcast on June 11 at 11.00 (GMT + 3) on the website of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine.

📍Program of the event:

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