Conference results "Humanitarian response and resumption of work with youth"

💫June 11, representatives of youth centers, young workers and public activists of Ukraine had the opportunity to meet (albeit online) at online conferences on youth work: "Humanitarian response and resumption of work with youth."

We cannot but rejoice that it is possible to gather in one place those who want the changes needed to restore the educational system of youth work.🤩 Coordinators and representatives of youth centers, geographically located throughout the country, shared their experience in the areas of work of the centers as humanitarian headquarters, shelters and crises with the forced relocation of the youth center.

👉As a result of the conference and discussion of the participants, a number of recommendations were offered to government officials, representatives of donor organizations and to youth centers, councils and NGOs in Ukraine and abroad.

Very soon we will prepare and formulate the recommendations developed by the participants of the conference and publish them on the pages of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine and the National Ukrainian Youth Association. 📲

📢“This event became an opportunity for me to communicate with like-minded people and discuss further work plans. During all the days of the full-scale offensive, there was a lack of such an event, where one could return to the plans of the future and feel "safe" as in the past. I really hope that the recommendations we have developed will be taken into account by the authorities, donors and youth organizations, ”said Kateryna Glushchenko, a member of the Board of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine.

Thank you to everyone who joined the event! We hope that our meetings will become more frequent and will take place offline in a free Ukraine very soon! 💙💛

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