Plast National Scout Organization's Training Center in Bucha

After the liberation of the Kyiv region from Russian invaders, it became possible to assess the state of the Plast National Scout Organization's Training Center in Bucha — one of the cities that suffered a brutal blow from the enemy in their attempt to capture the capital.‼️

📢 "The building of the Plast Training Center in Bucha has survived after the fighting; there are signs of marauding and looting. Broken doors and windows, the whole building is a mess. Today it is possible to state that the furniture and office equipment, camping equipment and materials are partially missing. The vast majority of the employees of the center are currently from Bucha and are unable to resume operations. At the first safe opportunity, the team and I will restore the center. With the founder of the center (Regional Council) and its governing body (Regional Department of Youth and Sports) we'll conduct a joint audit of lost assets and record the facts of criminal looting", — said Yaroslav Khrapsky, the director of Plast School Center and member of the board of Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine.

📍In the future, the activities of the center will be aimed at providing humanitarian aid and support. On the basis of the center will work Plast humanitarian headquarters from Plast — Ukrainian Scouting.

“Our main priority is to resume work in the usual format. Children and families who have survived the terrible actions of the occupiers must be included in the educational process and must not lose socialization. The mental traumas must begin to heal, and crimes against people, torture and murder, violence, marauding and looting, committed by the occupiers, must be punished", — Yaroslav added.

👉 Currently, all youth centers in Ukraine have reformatted their work into volunteer and humanitarian headquarters to support the military and civilians. We know that the work of the affected youth centers will be resumed, as the adaptation of youth and the development of youth policies will become important areas after the victory over the aggressor.

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