We continue the implementation of the project "Supporting safe environments for the development of youth in Ukraine"

Online meetings with educational consultants were held on February 24 and March 2. The participants were people who will work with young people and implement educational programs in their areas during the next year. More than 30 workers of youth spaces joined the meeting, among them were representatives of youth centers that are members of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine.

Online meetings are part of the curriculum for the training of educational consultants. Offline training will take place next week, where the participants will come with their own developed training programs and will have the opportunity to once again improve the competences of working with young people, in particular, by receiving feedback and advice on improving their programs from the project trainers.

During these two meetings the participants were able to update their knowledge about types of education, work with youth, the cycle of the educational process, etc. Educational consultants also talked and exchanged experience, and consolidated the acquired knowledge in a more practical way during group work.

"Each meeting within the project is an important source of knowledge and skills. Online meetings were no exception. Together with colleagues and trainers, we had rich sessions during which many important points for our activities were discussed. Thank you for this exchange of experiences and visions. I hope that he will help us to carry out high-quality and meaningful work with young people," said Yaryna Radchenko, administrator of the Youth Center for Civic Education (Kyiv).

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The project is implemented by the National Ukrainian Youth Association (NUYA) with the financial support of terre des hommes. The project aspires to unite Ukrainian youth centers and youth organizations in order to achieve the following goal: to support young people affected by the war in filling educational gaps, determining future professional paths and restoring space for autonomy.

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