The state of work of Youth Centers in theChernihiv region on July 14.2022

‼️On February 27, the quarters of the Chernihiv Regional Youth Center were destroyed as a result of a rocket attack by the Russian occupation forces.

👉After the de-occupation of the region, the team of the center received a small accommodation in Chernihiv in order to be able to restore youth work in the city and rebuild the youth center.

Fortunately, other spaces were not affected and some did not stop their work for a single day, starting from February 24. Due to the situation in the region and the relocation of employees, some Youth Centers in the communities are temporarily closed.

✔️As a team of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine, we have prepared visualizations regarding the current state of youth centers in the occupied regions, where active hostilities are taking place or have taken place.

Here is information on the current work of youth centers in the Chernihiv region. 📲

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