The state of work of Youth Centers in the Sumy region on July 22.2022

👉Sumy region underwent partial occupation, destruction of infrastructure and residential buildings in February-March 2022 at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. Unfortunately, constant rocket attacks on the region continue even now.

📚Youth centers in the Sumy region have refocused their work in the humanitarian direction since the first days of the invasion, without stopping their activities for a single day. After the release, they continued to engage in volunteer assistance and the establishment of the infrastructure of the region's youth policy.

As a team of the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine, we have prepared visualizations regarding the current state of youth centers in the occupied regions, where active hostilities are taking place or have taken place. 📝

Attention-grabbing information on the current work of youth centers of the Sumy region.

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