"Video Diaries of Youth Centers" — "New Orbits" from Lviv

📢It is important that memories remain not only in our memory but also documented through photos, videos and recordings on paper or in digital format.

That is why the Association of Youth Centers of Ukraine is launching a section "Video Diaries of Youth Centers" to preserve memories of how we were able to unite for a joint victory in the most difficult times. Memories about what youth centers were accomplishing in these times to someday, in the future, remember everyone with warmth and gratitude.❤️

👉Today our column is opened by the youth center "New Orbits" from Lviv. Nowadays, the youth center is taking part in volunteering and gathering humanitarian aid for the military and civilians and has become a haven for thousands of refugees.

More about the life of the youth center "New Orbits" during the war — in the video for the link https://youtu.be/lIyL-PU6CxI

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