Vinnytsia regional youth center "Kvadrat" ("Square")

Our advantages lie in our unity and the common goal of Ukraine's victory 🇺🇦

👉It is for the realization of this cherished goal that the Ukrainian people have united all their forces and capabilities. In particular — the transformation of youth spaces into volunteer headquarters had happened.

Today we will talk about the Vinnytsia regional youth center "Kvadrat" ("Square"). From the first day of the war, the youth center became a base for a volunteer headquarters that later became one of the main strongholds of Vinnytsia.💪

Volunteer center "#vKvadrati" ("#inSquere") was able to combine in its activities all possible areas of needs arising in wartime. In particular:

🔹formation of daily dry rations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

🔸assembling of military first-aid kits;

🔹collection and organization of the delivery of humanitarian aid to 🔸civilians in dangerous regions;

🔹work with internally displaced youth;

🔸support for displaced persons with basic necessities;

🔹organization of training on providing first aid for volunteers and everyone interested;

🔸production of camouflage nets by a whole team of tireless "little spiders";

🔹communication with regional, national and foreign public organizations and foundations to attract the necessary resources for the military and civilians.

Now "#vKvadrati" has become a real hub in the Vinnytsia region, which provides a strong rear while not abandoning its original direction of work — the development of our youth, the future of Ukraine. After all, young people now, more than ever, need support, communication and understanding that everyone makes a significant contribution to victory.💙💛

📍Follow the social media pages of the Vinnytsia regional youth center "Kvadrat". Maybe that's where you'll find your direction for volunteer work if you have not yet decided on it or have been forced to temporarily move to another region of the country.

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