We are starting to raise funds to restore the normal operation of the Plast Center.

We are starting to raise funds to restore the normal operation of youth center "the Plast National Scout Organization's Training Center".  The occupiers and looters damaged the building of the center, stole a large part of office equipment, and mutilated educational literature.

A significant number of children who undergo an educational program have had traumatic experiences and need help and socialization. Therefore, the key task of the center is to start work in the usual way to open the door for young people. Before the war, the center was a home for more than 700 children in Kyiv region. We believe that in the near future we will start work with your help.

⚜️Current needs:

▪️Generator and fuel for it

▪️Gas burners and cylinders for them

▪️Facade works (perhaps your company is engaged in this area)

▪️Office equipment (laptops, printers, projectors)

▪️Replacement of double-glazed windows (perhaps your company is engaged in the production and installation)

▪️Furniture (check by phone or in linked messengers)

 If you want to help or fulfill any of the inquiries, you can contact to the management of the center:

📲 Yaroslav Khrapskyi




🇬🇧Ways to send financial support:


4149 6293 5577 7111

2️⃣Mono Bank https://send.monobank.ua/jar/8j2g6WAxZs

3️⃣Binance pay




5️⃣Legal entity account provided after request if needed.

🇺🇦Glory to Ukraine

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